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London May 13 to May 22
I'm traveling to London on work again from May 13 to May 22! Is there anyone in town on my f-list who might like to meet up with a fellow fangirl and geek out over Watchmen or Thor? I'll be freer during the week, but will be visiting Brighton and Cambridge on the 19 and 20th. Drop me a line and we can make plans to meet up!

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I'm just commenting to say how extremely fucking jealous I am that you get to go to London. And "again".

Bah, I'm just bitter because I have never been. ONE DAY! And maybe at the same time I can win Prince Harry's heart

Have fun! :D

I'd be happy to meet up with you again :)

I might have to disappoint you when it comes to geeking out over Thor though - I wasn't that impressed with it.

Maybe this is a bit short notice, but would you be free for dinner tonight? And tuff too? Send me an email at; I'm out an about all day so won't be checking LJ as much

hey, I'm nearby, but I'm scared, I think I'd bore you. Maybe if you do all the talking, or if Khil's there too so you can at least have some intelligent conversation while I creep around behind you.

I do know a cool cemetery though!

Oh hai dere. :) I don't think you'd be boring at all! Would you be free for dinner tonight? I also asked khil above. Would be awesome if we could meet up! Send me an email with your UK contact details as that'll make it easier to coordinate. Cheers!

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