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Hello Hollywood (Road) and London!
sally jupiter ☞ glee!
Dearest Internet friends! It's been the longest time since I updated this journal, blehhh. However, I am doing well and will be coming to London again in June. My work schedule is still getting settled, but I hope to meet up with you guys if you're available for some nerding and food/drinks on me, anactorialiodainscarlet_carsonskhilari  tuff_ghost and anybody else in the Londonish area! 

Also, I have a photoblog on tumblr, .  If you have a tumblr, follow me and I'll follow you.  

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just dropping a note to say hi, and that your entries have been missed!

how long will you be in london for?

Hey, good to see you! When are you around? I'll need to head to London for a British Library visit in the summer, so if you're over here after I finish work for the semester I'll try to make it coincide. :)

No can do, I heard you were coming so I fled the country.

Good to see you, Rad!

I'm about 300 miles from London and also visiting Colorado in June and also also maybe moving house around then, but I will see what's goin on closer to the time XD

>visiting Colorado in June

DUDE. When?? I'm looking at being in CO then as well and I would totally stalk you it would be awesome if we could say "hi". :D

Hey there stranger! Good to "see" you again. :D I don't live on that side of the pond, but if I did I'd love to hang out. ^^

Hey :) I just saw this, and hanging out would be great.

(Also, I have a tumblr but it's RP. So you would wind up with Loki following you.)

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